Support & Security

Support from a Vibrant Team

At Provident Village at Creekside, our residents’ needs are met by our dedicated team of Care Partners who work to ensure they live life to the fullest. Even as their health or abilities change, we deliver high quality, personalized support.

Upon arrival at Provident Village, we conduct a detailed personal history on each resident and create an individual Vibrant Wellness Plan, tailored to specific capabilities and interests. To make sure we’re providing the best care, we review and reevaluate needs regularly and modify care plans as necessary.

Our nurturing Care Partners can offer as much or as little assistance as required, from dressing, bathing and personal hygiene to eating, mobility and other daily living activities.

Security for Peace of Mind

Care and support is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Our Care Partners are ready to assist whenever a need arises. For added security, every room is equipped with 24-hour call systems. With our state-of-the-art technology, we’ve enhanced our security so our staff can share not only recorded past health information, but real-time data with residents, caregivers and medical providers. Together, we have everything we need to evaluate health and behavior trends to provide highly personalized care and work to prevent serious health and safety issues.

Technology for Better, More Personalized Care

At Provident Village, we do our best to support families as well as our residents. We understand the concerns families face when considering assisted living or memory care, so we’ve designed a solution to make that transition easier.

Provident Village utilizes an Integrated Communication and Engagement Platform that provides residents’ families the ability to easily interact with the staff members caring for their loved one — even if they can’t be there in person. Families connect with staff through real-time, interactive communication to become more engaged with their loved ones’ daily lives. No matter what, families can always connect and share the positive moments their loved ones routinely enjoy. The use of an integrated technology approach also helps our staff deeply understand our residents’ interests and needs, enabling us to capture more effective ways to care for and engage them in meaningful daily activities. As a result, your loved one receives more personalized care, involvement and a higher quality of life.