Discovering New Joy

At Provident Village, we know that joy — and what creates it — is defined differently by everyone. Joy is a state of mind, as well as a heartfelt emotion, so we focus on delivering person-centered service with the goal of bringing joy to each resident.

Each day at Provident Village at Creekside is an opportunity to discover new joy. Not only are residents free to pursue life-long hobbies and interests, but with such a wide array of programs, from gardening to outdoor walking clubs and spiritual study groups, chances are they’ll find something new to love, too!

The keys to joy and happiness are often the simplest, yet most precious, gifts: expanding the mind through life-long learning, fostering relationships with friends and family, connecting to nature and remaining physically, mentally and spiritually well. All these things and more have influenced the lifestyle we’ve created and the loving care we provide. We have designed a place where every outlet is available to your loved one, every day. At Provident Village at Creekside, the opportunities for joy are endless.